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Marisa Doupis
Reiki Master Practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Licensed Practical Nurse.

Here’s a little about me, I began my Reiki healing journey 11 years ago as I understood there was so much more to healing that we could not yet measure.  I felt the intense energy healing that I was giving during massage treatments and wanted to learn more about how I could help my patients and massage clients in ways that went deeper than what I already had learned.   There are countless people whom I have been fortunate to have known and learn from, especially when it came to energy healing.  Please read my full bio for more information on how my journey as evolved and my healing path continues to evolve everyday.  I love my work and love offering energy healing!

A deeply relaxing treatment, great for relieving stress as well as anxiety and overwhelmed sensations.  Energy work can help clear blockages that are preventing you from living life fully.  Through gentle touch, energy will flow through the chakras leaving you feeling light and balanced.  Bring your “life force energy” into a higher level!
$80/60 mins*  $110/90 min*  $150/120 min*  $180/150 min*  $210/180 min*

Sunset Reiki on the Beach!
Surrounded by crashing ocean waves, the vibrations of the tide, smell of the salt water and beautiful cleansing energy while the sunset allows us to surrender.  Sound healing assisted with singing bowls and deeper cleansing of chakras with use of crystals as well as aura cleansing for a unique healing experience.
$60/ 60 min  $90/90 min  $120/120 min  $180/180 min (on the beach)

Sunrise Reiki Healing!
Sunrise offers promise of new beginnings allowing yourself to have this profound energy work during the rising sun can provide deep healing benefits.  Enveloping ocean sounds, crashing waves, vibration of the tides, smell of the salt water and fresh invigorating energy of the rising sun and promise of a new day.  Crystal healing, aura cleansing and singing bowl sound healing also offered in this refreshing release.
$60/60 min  $90/90 min  $120/120 min  $180/180 min (on the beach)

Group Reiki Healing
Enjoy the comfort and security of group healing.  Starting with a guided meditation we settle into this profound cleansing of the chakras and aura clearing, we will stay connected to our higher selves through our collective meditation and energy.  Crystals as well as singing bowl vibrations allow additional healing during the individual Reiki treatment to all attendees.
$10 person (to be announced when venue and schedule chosen)

Reiki Certification
Reiki level 1 certification is where we learn the history and lineage of Reiki. We delve into self healing, healing animals, healing our surroundings and crystal healing.  Reiki level 1 attunement given, certificate of completion and manual for reference.
$200 my training is customized in one-on-one or semi-private sessions.

In Reiki level 2 certification we explore deeper healing and learn methods using symbols and distance healing. Reiki level 2 attunement given, certificate of completion and manual for reference.
Pre-requisite Reiki Level 1.
$250 on- on-one session or semi-private session/s.

Reiki Master Level 
In this level you connect with your life force energy or chi in the most profound way.  Your connection to your life, earth, surrounding energy is deeply rooted.  At this level you can decide you if would like to deepen your own experiences or you can begin teaching others Level 1, 2 or Master Level Reiki.
Pre-requisites Reiki Level 1 and 2. 
Call for pricing.  One-on-one or semi-private session/s.

* price for service within 5 miles of Sunset Cliffs, Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA. $10 surcharge 5-10 miles of Sunset Cliffs, Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA.  $20 surcharge 10-20 miles Sunset Cliffs, Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA.