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Join the team to help find loving dogs the forever home they deserve.
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The Blue Heeler Foundation helps support local charities and organizations with accounting and administrative services.

How You Help
Your TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation plays an integral role in the success of our mission.

Where Your Donations Go
a. Supporting local charities with administrative or financial support
b. Food and supplies for the pups at canine rescues
c. Travel costs for transporting pups at canine rescues
d. Office supplies
e. Software (e.g. Microsoft, Adobe, QuickBooks)
f. Administrative (Required filing fees and marketing materials)
h. Scholarship funds

Tracking Your Donation
Designate which fund your donation goes to:
a. Scholarship Fund. These funds are strictly reserved to scholarships.
b. Operating Fund. These funds can only be used for operating expenses such as food for pups, travel costs, office supplies or similar expenses.
c. Unspecified. These funds can be used for scholarships or operation expenses

See where your donations are spent:
We update our website monthly with our Statement of Operations and Statement of Financial Position so you see how all donations are utilized. See our Financials & Filings page for more information.