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Finishing high school is a scary time. For the first time, our children have many life altering decisions to make. They will be venturing out into the “real world” as young adults and often may lose much of the support system they had as a child. We at The Blue Heeler Foundation hope to lessen that burden for our children in San Diego County by providing financial aid for higher education and high school internships to give young adults the skills and experience to they need to land jobs in the “real world”.

How You Help
Your TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation plays an integral role in the success of our children in the community and the success of our programs. Your tax deductible donations go directly to the scholarship funds and the costs of supplies and technology to keep these programs running.

Where Your Donations Go
a. Scholarships.
b. Internship Costs. (e.g. equipment, uniforms, intern pay)
c. Technology. (e.g. computers, printers, tablets for internship programs)
d. Office Supplies. (e.g. paper, pens, cleaning supplies)
e. Software. (e.g. Microsoft, Adobe, QuickBooks)
f. Administrative. (Required filing fees and marketing materials)
g. Supporting YOUR Local Community.

Where Your Donations DON’T Go
a. Executive Salaries. Interns and operational staff may receive comparable pay for services performed directly for the foundation
b. Individuals. Except for scholarships, all funds go strictly to the operations and administration of the foundation
c. Political Agendas. We never use donations or funds to support or lobby for any political agenda

Tracking Your Donation
Designate which fund your donation goes to:
a. Scholarship Fund. These funds are strictly reserved to scholarships
b. Operating Fund. These funds can only be used for operating expenses such as equipment or supplies for internship programs
c. Unspecified. These funds can be used for scholarships, operations or administrative expenses

See where your donations are spent:
We update our website monthly with our Income Statement, Balance Sheet and bank statements so you see how all donations are utilized. See our Financials & Filings page for more information,