Our Team


Marisa, Owner

Hi! My name is Marisa and I love helping people live in optimal health. In 2000 I became a nurse in an effort to bring a smile into the lives of those who are sick. Being a nurse truly is a rewarding job but not without a cost. Working long hours and lack of quality time with my family began to impact my life and health so I knew I needed to make a change. There were many intense days and I often gave coworkers “mini” massages and a shoulder to cry on. During my nursing career I had many people tell me I had “the touch” and suggested that I should become a massage therapist. In 2006 I took the advice of my friends, family and coworkers and became a Licensed Massage Therapist which opened my eyes to the world of preventative medicine.

Not only does massage feel good, but there are so many benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and healing injuries, that I felt I was really helping people prevent health problems before they began. I enjoyed working with a variety of people such as marathon runners, professional sports athletes, those recovering from injuries after car accidents as well as doctors and nurses who needed to receive some TLC after all the care they provided.

During my life I have met some amazing people and they have guided me in so many ways shedding some light into the deeper world of healing. I knew that during a massage treatment, or any interaction, I was giving part of my positive energy and I wanted a way to make that effect last. Reiki energy healing found me in May 2008 and I became Level 1 certified. With a Level 1 Reiki training I was able to treat people who were not able to receive massage due to health reasons. Since this method of healing can do no harm it can be used to treat a number of health issues. I received my Level 2 Reiki attunement and training in April 2014. About a year and half later I decided it was time to take the last stage of my Reiki training so in September 2015 I got my Master Level attunement. I am now a Reiki Master Practitioner and will continue to treat others plus as an added bonus, I can now teach others how to use this method of healing and become Reiki practitioners themselves!

During my journey I have continued to work as a nurse but shifted my focus into prevention. In addition to my massage, Reiki and nursing careers, I have been a health coach for diabetic management, chronic diseases and weight loss. All of my training and life work have led me to this moment where I am now offering all of my holistic health services to others.




Chris, Business Manager

Hey!  I’m Chris and I am excited to bring all my energy and experience to help foster health and wellness in our community!  My passion is encouraging those who want to live a healthy lifestyle and don’t know where to start.  Whether it’s running your first 5k or competitive racing, everyone has to start somewhere.  I am a prior gymnast turned outdoor enthusiast, triathlete and obstacle course racing fanatic!  Whether it’s a 500-mile bike, 30-mile obstacle course race or a simple morning hike with Marisa, I’m always happy to get outside and moving!  I am happy to be part of the Living Well team and the Ocean Beach community!